My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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Scores sent in by Mark. Thanks for getting them to me.

**Oh, and if the Chicken Scores look unbelievable, that's because they laid down on Chickens and shot Pigs Off-hand!! Just for fun.. :o)


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These are not official scores but what I have transcribed from photos taken of the scoring sheet.
If there are any mistakes, please email me and I will fix it.
If I made a mistake, I'm sorry and more then willing to make the corrections.
I do have a record of the photos if there are any questions.

2012 Sept 9th Butte Fun Match Scores
Master Iron Sights
Mark Griffis 946827
Howard Smith 736824
Mike Venturino 839323
Darrel Smithson 925723
Toby Crisler 718622
Master Scope Sights
Darrell Tonn 9310729
Butch Ulsher 1038627
John King 744722
Ted Tompkins 6231021
Dave Henninger 914721

AAA Iron Sights
ShooterChicken**Pig TurkeyRamTotal
Ron Radmer 6310625
Tasha Paulsen 927422
Gene Davids 20406
AAA Scope Sights
Dave Eichenlaub 10181029
Jen Oliva 725519
Dave Davids 714517

AA Iron Sights
ShooterChicken**Pig TurkeyRamTotal
Heather Bryan 4106323
AA Scope Sights
AA ScopeSaturday
ShooterChicken**Pig TurkeyRamTotal
Tom Williams 737724
Jerry Prouty 942621

Unclassified Iron Sights
ShooterChicken**Pig TurkeyRamTotal
George Stena(sp?) 1013923