My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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Weather Saturday and Sunday was very windy and hot with temps running into mid 90's.

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These are not official scores but what I have transcribed from photos taken of the scoring sheet.
If there are any mistakes, please email me and I will fix it.
If I made a mistake, I'm sorry and more then willing to make the corrections.
I do have a record of the photos if there are any questions.

2012 August Butte BPCR Club Match Scores for August 11th
Master Iron Sights
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotal
Mark Griffis 587525
Mike Venturino 284620
Master Scope Sights
Darrell Tonn 21081030

AAA Iron Sights
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotal
Merilyn Floyd 189725
Cliff Mantha 295420
Gerald Floyd 146415
Gene Davids 183315
AAA Scope Sights
Jen Oliva 498829
Mike Mondloch 289423
Dave Davids 183416

AA Iron Sights
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotal
Heather Bryan 11010425
Del Niemeyer 176418
Richard Galli (Unclassified) 251210
Richard Morris (Unclassified) 01001
AA Scope Sights
Tom Williams 2101619