My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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We had a pretty good turnout with 22 shooters. We shot silhouette on Saturday and midrange on Sunday.
The weather both Saturday and Sunday was breezy to down right windy at times. At least it wasn't snowing!! :o)
The animal pot winners were:
Chickens- Ted Tompkins (won in shootout)
Pigs- Butch Ulsher (winner in shootout)
Turkeys- Howard Smith
Rams- Del Niemeyer (won in shootout)
Shootouts were sudden death, offhand.
Butte May Club Match Scores
May 9th (Silhouette Match)
May 10th (Midrange Match)
Butte May 9th Silhouette Match
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace
Master Iron
Mark Griffis - Iron21089291st Overall Iron
Dave Heninger - Iron31046231st Master Iron
Darrell Smithson - Iron087722 
Master Scope
Howard Smith - Scope310108311st Overall Scope
Ted Tompkins - Scope4979291st Master Scope
John Fuller - Scope2107726 
Butch Ulsher - Scope4103623 
Darrell Tonn - Iron1103418 
Trent Schutte - Unc067518 
AAA Iron
Ron Radmer - Scope11098281st AAA Iron
Heather Griffis - Iron296320 
Tasha Paulsen - Scope085720 
AAA Scope
Del Niemeyer - Scope4949261st AAA Scope
Mike Venturino - Scope097925 
Mike Mondloch - Scope358723 
Tom Williams - Scope1103721 
Wayne Hegdahl - AA Iron2898271st AA/B
Johnny Spratling - AA Iron296421 
Keith Barney - B Iron254214 
High Power
Charles Woolley2887251st High Power
Don Blackketter276621 
Chris Haynes076619 
Butte May 10th Midrange Match
Shooter200300 600TotalFirearmPlace
John Fuller 99-6x8993-3x281-9xMilitary1st Military
Mike Venturino100-5x93-2x87-1x280-8xMilitary 
Mark Griffis 99-3x95-2x92-2x286-7xHepburn1st BPCR - High 600
Howard Smith 93-3x98-2x89-2x280-7xSharps 74 
Darrell Smithson 99-4x97-1x84-1x280-6xRolling Block 
Del Niemeyer 99-7x9283274-7xSharps 74 
Wayne Hegdahl100-2x94-1x80274-3xHigh WallHigh 200
Heather Griffis 99-4x91-2x83-1x273-7xHigh Wall 
Ted Tompkins99-5x96-2x78273-7xSharps 77 
Butch Ulsher96-1x96-2x76-2x268-5xHepburn 
Darrell Tonn98-3x99-6x67-1x264-10xCPAHigh 300