My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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We had a pretty good turnout with 11 Vintage Military shooters and 14 BPCR shooters.
The weather was breezy to down right windy at times. Tempuratures were mild.
Butte August Sniper Rifle Challenge Scores
Butte August 9th Silhouette Match
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace
Master Iron
Mark Griffis 3108627Overall Iron
Toby Crisler 3778251st Master Iron
Darrell Smithson197623 
Trent Schutte - Unclassified 1106623 
TJ Menahan - Unclassified252514
Master Scope
Howard Smith 4109932Overall Scope
Ted Tompkins 4108729
Butch Ulsher 4108729
Jen Oliva 296623
John FullerDNF486DNF
AAA Iron
Paul Dowell31079291st AAA Iron
Heather Griffis 1108827
Del Niemeyer 386724
Vintage Military Sniper High Power Rifle
Mike Venturino210610281st High Power
Pat Menahan387624
Steve Mayville189624
Jake Taverna 456823
Bob Olsen287320
Vivian Fontenla (?)197320
Hank Adams 042612
John Dunn 22105
Rich Morris 01135
Tobe Dempsey01012
Darrell TonnDNF975DNF