My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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Weather was quite warm with a mild breeze for most of the day.

Butch Ulsher shot a fine 34 in Scope Master for 1st Overall in Scope... Congratulations Butch!

Dave, Howard, and Steve had a shoot-out for 1st Iron Master with Dave getting the edge for Winner of the Iron Match,
Howard with 1st Iron Master, and Steve landing at 2nd Iron Master... Congratulations to all three!

Dave Toavs shot his first ever match with his new scope and fired a 32 to set his classification
as a Master for scope as well as taking 1st place in the Scope Master Class just
ahead of Ted Tompkins who won 2nd place... Congratulations to Dave and Ted!

Missoula July Club Match Scores for July 20th
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotal
Iron Master
Dave Eichenlaub6108832
Howard Smith6109732
Steve Neustrom39101032
Darrel Smithson2109930
Lee Lewis599629
Dave Bearden01010929
John King2109728
Mark Griffis1881027
Toby Crisler198826
Scope Master
Butch Ulsher51091034
Dave Toavs4109932
Ted Tompkins5108831
Darrell Tonn21061028
Iron AAA
Justin Harris2981029
Del Niemeyer3109527
Ed Tilton298827
Ron Radmer199827
Don Claridge198624
Tasha Paulson196420
Scope AAA
Ivan Dice21081030
Bob Tarkenton386825
Iron AA
Wayne Hegdahl269724
John Eder275721
Heather Bryan294621
Ritchie Tilton281920