My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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The weather was hot but manageable and we had 16 shooters for the single day event. Winds were fairly low and somewhat consistent.

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2013 Missoula July Long Range Match Scores
ShooterPlace800900 1000Total
Darrell Smithson 1st Overall99-2X8381263-2X
Mark Griffis 2nd Overall9191-2X75257-2X
Dave Eichenlaub 3rd Overall96-1X81-2X74251-3X
Ron Radmer  8789-3X71247-4X
Darrell Tonn (scope)  83-1X82-1X79244-2X
Howard Smith  8990-1X65244-1X
Wayne Hegdahl  798473236-1X
Bob Tarkington  88-2X83-2X63234-4X
Toby Crisler  72-1X81-1X79232-2X
Steve Neustrom  92-1X86-2X51-1X229-4X
Dave Bearden  7883-2X61222-2X
Gayle Boyle  667281-1X219-1X
Ivan Dice  88-1X79-4X46213-5X
Del Niemeyer  725656184
Tasha Paulson  79-1X5646181-1X
Heather Bryan  857123179
StatisticShooter800 9001000Aggregate
High Senior Darrell Tonn   244-2X
High 800 Darrell Smithson99-2X   
High 900 Mark Griffis 91-2X  
High 1000 Gayle Boyle  81-1X