My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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Weather Saturday and most of Sunday was somewhat fairly cold and windy with small gusts. An anticipated spring snow storm blew in during the second to last relay on Sunday afternoon. The last relay was almost totally snowed out. I say "almost" as all shooters of the last relay chose to call it a day, with the exception being the ever ready Dave Gallo, who was shooting a scope but was shooting Rams. Iron Sights were impossible but there was a little bit of a chance for Dave and his scope. His problem was that you couldn't see to spot with a spotting scope. Dave started shooting at the swinger with no help from his spotter who's spotting scope was basically snow blind. I had my binoculars and could barely make out fresh dirt low under the front of the swinger. Dave decided to go for score with no adjustments. Dave shot at the first two without success. I suggested that he come up a couple minutes and he shot at the third and missed. I noticed that there was a bit of wind and he made a couple of minutes adjustment and hit the fourth. I could see the ram swing from being hit in the hip so he moved a minute right, then hit the next six with the last one being in the head... Sure helps when not only are you good but you're lucky as well!
Dave Gallo in the 2013 April Snow Storm

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These are not official scores but what I have transcribed from photos taken of the scoring sheet.
If there are any mistakes, please email me and I will fix it.
If I made a mistake, I'm sorry and more then willing to make the corrections.
I do have a record of the photos if there are any questions.

2013 April Missoula Deep Creek BPCR Club Match Scores for April 20th and 21st
Master Iron Sights
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlaceChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace
Howard Smith 31088291st Master 2107928Iron Match Winner
Ted Tompkins 3888272nd Master
Ivan Dice 21087273rd Master 198927
Darrel Smithson 2106927 41058271st Master
Mike Venturino 289726
John King 596525
Dick Elliot 3104623 9615
Toby Crisler 297523 3987272nd Master
Dave Yount 3879273rd Master
Clyde Quigley 21010527
Mark Griffis 184821
Steve Neustrom 285621
Master Scope Sights
Dave Gallo 49710301st Master 5987291st Master
Dave Eichenlaub 31087282nd Master 2105724
Mark Griffis 4978282nd Master
Dave Yount 31078283rd Master
John King 31095273rd Master
Ted Tompkins 3 9 9 6 27
Lee Lewis 467421
Mike Venturino 18 7 7 23
John Venhoos 0981027 079622

AAA Iron Sights
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace ChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace
David Bearden 11077253rd AAA 3968263rd AAA
Ron Radmer 0107724 2997271st AAA
Tasha Paulsen 094720 293620
Eric Lah 2105421 4949262nd AAA
Larry Ackerlund 084921 294419
Del Niemeyer 21059262nd AAA 388423
Grant Savage 367723
Jim Burrill 155314 16Snow512
Jimmy Baker 1106219 75 12
AAA Scope Sights
Lee Lewis 6109833Scope Winner
Grant Savage 31091032Scope Winner
Steve Neustrom 21056232nd AAA
Clyde Quigley 2848223rd AAA

AA Iron Sights
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace ChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace
Heather Bryan 1867221st AA 210Snow2143rd AA
Jerry Prouty 3 958251st AA
Wayne Hegdahl 4853202nd AA 277Snow162nd AA
AA Scope Sights
Jerry Prouty 2876231st AA

Saturday Only
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace
Butch Ulsher 2108626
John Fuller 31075251st AAA Scope
Ed Tilton 497929Iron Match Winner
Dave Toavs 3996271st AAA Iron
Justin Harris 196521
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace
John Eder 3925193rd AA
Ritchie Tilton 462214
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace
Don Reynolds 192214