My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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Days were quite warm with relatively light winds for most of the shoot. Fairly mild wind for Lone Tree...
Click HERE for a picture of the winner!

Darrell Smithson won the match with an overall score of 43. Congratulations to Darrell!

Dave Eichenlaub won the Monday match with a score of 19 and received a fantastic shooting box built by Wayne Hegdahl
who donated it in honor and remembrance of our good friend John Taylor who passed away Oct. 13, 2012. His wife, Kathy
was able to make it for the Saturday shoot which was enjoyed by us all..

Click HERE for a picture of the Monday Shoot winner holding his new shiny shooting box!

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2013 Labor Day Lone Tree Long Range Buffler Match
Saturday and Sunday Aggregate
ShooterStandingTotal for Sat and Sun
Darrell Smithson 1st43
Wayne Hegdahl 2nd42
Dave Eichenlaub Tied for 3rd37
Ed Tildon Tied for 3rd37
Larry Davis  33
Ritchie Tildon  32
Bryan Luke  31
Del Niemeyer  29
Ted Tompkins Left early Sat28
Carl Zmuda  25
Vance Bennett  23
Tom Opal Left early both days23
Larry M.  14
Brad Niemeyer Sun Only18
Monday Only
ShooterStandingTotal for Monday
Dave Eichenlaub 1st19
Ted Tompkins Tied for 2nd18
Ed Tildon Tied for 2nd18
Wayne Hegdahl Tied for 4th16
Ritchie Tildon Tied for 4th16
Darrell Smithson dnf14
Carl Zmuda  14
Tom Opal Left early12
Del Niemeyer  12
Larry Davis  11
Bryan Luke  9
Vance Bennett  5