My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

Saturday was a bit blustery after a strong thunderstorm moved through Friday night. Winds were pretty consistent, however, which allowed
for decent shooting. Sunday had variable winds up to 15 mph that were flipping between 4 and 7 o'clock which made for lots of fun!

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2013 Butte September Club Match Scores for September 14th Silhouette and 15th Midrange
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace
Butch Ulsher (Scope)31098301st Overall BPCR
Mark Griffis010109291st Master in shootout
Dave Heninger21098292nd Master
Del Niemeyer11079271st AAA in shootout
Paul Lawrence2979272nd AAA
Heather Bryan685524 
Tom Williams (Scope)292821 
Dave Davids (Scope)194115 
LJ Schieffert21093241st AA
Wes Daems198523 
Jerry Prouty (Scope)287522 
Jim Neufeld1107422 
John Spratling (Reclass to AA)467421 
Amber Spratling12238 
Military Rifle
Kevin McCoy41010933 
Aaron Wood2781027 
ShooterStanding200300 600Total
Black Powder Cartridge Rifles
Mark Griffis 1st BPCR100-4x98-1x91-4x289-9X
Butch Ulsher 2nd BPCR100-3x95-3x82-277-6x
Jerry Prouty  99-3x92-1x81-1x272-5X
Heather Bryan  97-3x9172-2x260-5X
Paul Lawrence  96-2x8876260-2X
Vintage Military Rifles
None Attended      
1st BPCR Mark Griffis
2nd BPCR Butch Ulsher
High Military None