My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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Weather for the weekend was nice spring weather, calm in the morning but with increasing winds through the day. Saturday saw a short lived spring rainstorm go through that spit a bit of rain and caused difficulties on the 600 yard line. Attendance was light. There was a mix of rifles for Saturday where BPCR rifles were used (scope and iron sights) as well as a few military sniper rifles. On Sunday there was one shoot-out for the pig pot that was shot between Howard and Heather. After several missed opportunities by both, Howard managed to edge Heather out by John Deereing his pig!

Butte May Club Match Scores
May 11th (Midrange Match)
12th (Silhouette Match)
Butte May 11th Midrange Match
Shooter200300 600TotalFirearmPlace
Mike Venturino95-2x98-2x91-2x284-6xMilitary1st Military
Dave Eichenlaub100-3x93-2x87-1x280-6xMilitary 
Mark Griffis100-3x91-1x89280-4xBPCR1st BPCR
Butch Ulsher100-5x95-2x83278-7xBPCR2nd BPCR
Heather Bryan99-4x92-1x78269-5xBPCR 
Jen Oliva99-1x8981269-1xBPCR 
Darrel Smithson98-2x92-3x78268-5xBPCR 
John Fuller99-5x96-3x69264-8xBPCR 
Del Niemeyer99-4x9271262-4xBPCR 
Toby Crisler88-4x91-1x78257-5xBPCR 
John Dunn9374-1x58225-1xMilitary 
Butte May 12th Silhouette Match
ShooterChickenPig TurkeyRamTotalPlace
Howard Smith21078271st Master
Dave Eidenlaub466824 
Darrel Smithson395724 
Toby Crisler257822 
Mark Griffis187622 
Butch Ulsher385521 
Mike Venturino094417 
Del Niemeyer29108291st Overall
Mike Mondloch095721 
John Fuller062614 
Heather Bryan11069261st AA
Wes Daems285419