My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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Days were warm to hot with light wind in the morning for sightings, then lots of wind in afternoon while going for score on Saturday and Sunday. Monday had fairly mild wind for Lone Tree... There is generally so much wind at Lone Tree that we had MVA make up some special sights for the occasion. This Soule sight as you can see has 62 1/2 minutes of angle on each side for a total of 125 minutes from side to side. Comes in handy when you have the wind howling. Here's a picture of the new sight but I wouldn't go asking MVA to buy one as they wanted us to keep it a secret and said they would act as if they didn't know a thing about it if asked!
Lone Tree Extra Wide Soule Sight
I didn't keep the scores for Monday as it was a "Any sight Fun Day" shoot. If anyone did have them and wants them posted, please send a picture or whatever to my email (
Darrell Smithson won the match and was given the dubious duty of carrying home the "Labor Day Traveling Trophy" and putting his name on a tag as well. Congratulations to Darrell. He was also given as a prize one floppy eared Walker hound dog pup that Darrell mistook for a Cocker Spaniel and he was seen after the match trying to sell it for a measly $25... He was also heard to say that if the pup wasn't pointing any birds by the end of the week, he was headed back to the pound!! I hope that hound dog pup is a fast learner...

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2012 Labor Day Lone Tree Long Range Buffler Match
ShooterStandingTotal for Sat and Sun
Darrell Smithson 1st41
Ivan 2nd40
Ed Tildon 3rd38
Ted Tompkins  37
Dave Eichenlaub  34
Lanny Moody  33
Del Niemeyer  32
Butch Ulsher  31
Carl Zmuda  26
Bryan Luke  26
Frank Sedivy  25
Ritchie Tildon  25
Jerry Prouty  22
Wayne  21
Pat  19
Larry  19
Brad Niemeyer Sun Only18
Tom Opal  17
John Taylor  14
Doug Sun Only2