My 1874 Sharps 45/110
Montana Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

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Scores were recorded and sent to me by Mark Griffis.

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2012 Aug 25th and 26th Missoula Silver Dollar Creedmoor Match
ShooterStanding800900 1000Total
Dave Eichenlaub 1st181-2X183-5X174-2X538-9X
Tasha 2nd187-7X174-1X169-3X532-11X
Paul Dowell 3rd185-3X165-1X164-5X514-9X
Ron Radnor  174-4X177-3X163514-7X
Bob Tarkington  177177156-1X510-1X
Mark Griffis  164-1X171-1X168-3X503-5X
Steve Neustrom  183-1X163-1X154-4X500-6X
Toby Crisler  167-4X163-1X141-4X471-9X
Heather  167-4X152-1X129-1X448-6X
Larry Akerlund  146-2X127112385-2X
Jerry Prouty  15014465359
StatisticShooter800 9001000
High Senior Toby Crisler  471-9X
High Aggregate 800 Tasha187-7X  
High Aggregate 900 Dave Eichenlaub 183-5X 
High Aggregate 1000 Dave Eichenlaub  174-2X